Oy Neko Ab is a family-owned company founded in 1941. We work as a manufacturer of horticultural products and as a reseller.

NEKO's product portfolio includes horticultural and agricultural products for professional and hobby use.

NEKO is known for its competent and high quality fertilizers. The oldest and best known is  the Neko Plant Fertilizer, which have been manufactured since 1962.

NEKO MACHINES represents gardening machines and equipments. We are importer
of Maestral two-wheel tractor for example.

With our NEKO GARDEN product line we want to bring up more natural experience and self-awareness to gardening - gardening at its best.

We develop some new products every year and bring them to the markets. We attach great importance to high quality,
practicability and environmentally friendliness of our products.

Our company has long-term customer relations in the corporate and municipal sector. As a small company, we are able to provide fast and flexible deliveries. Our dealers include flower shops, garden stores and markets. Large packs are delivered directly from the factory.

Oy Neko Ab | Kiiliäinen 12 | Hämeenlinna | p. +358(0)3 616 2167 | neko(at)neko.fi
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