NEKO MAESTRAL Two-Wheel Tractor
All in one machine for fields and gardens
Maestral Two-Wheel Tractor is a professional working machine with a diverse variety of devices. This little Tractor is a functional and inexpensive solution for real estate and small farms. It suits for all year round labouring and maintenance challenges. Reliable engine options Hp Honda 9hp and Lombardini Diesel 8hp.

brushing machine for asphalt and stone surfaces - cleaning and removal of sand, snow blower (two widths) and snowplough, two models of wood chipper with separate powerfull engine, plow, harrow and cultivator, hay cutter and mower with two different widths. Maestral can be attached with seated trailer - load capacity 350kg as well as 750 kg trailer with own working engine and drive axle.

Oy Neko Ab | Kiiliäinen 12 | Hämeenlinna | p. +358(0)3 616 2167 | neko(at)neko.fi
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